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Downton (Downton)

Number of seats: 14


Candidates for Downton (Downton) – Results finalised at 08:40 on Tuesday 7 May 2013
Barnhurst-Davies, Susan Kirsten481Elected
Brown, Judi381Elected
Brown, Sally Annabell248
Cordell, David Joseph387Elected
Dean, Malcolm Bernard580Elected
Dickinson, Paul MartinIndependent167
Emerson, Clive Lewis305
Fillingham, Fleur281
Fisher, Brian Stenson151
Ford, Richard Peter357
Hall, Christopher BernardResident366Elected
Harrison, Derek Arthur361
Lacey, Sally375Elected
Mace, Dave527Elected
Meropoulos, John97
Quarmby, Peter Vivian391Elected
Ross, Hamish Fraser407Elected
Sutcliffe, Keith Henry459Elected
Tanner, Paul WilliamResident Born & Raised In Downton476Elected
Walker-Bircham, Simon James89
Watts, Gareth David454Elected
Webb, Gloria Ann118
Welsh, Diane Jean107
Whitmarsh, JuliaDowntonian562Elected
Wilson, NicolaIndependent313
Yeates, Roger Barry391Elected
The number of ballot papers rejected was as followsNumber of
ballot papers
Total spoiled papers:11
Vacant Seats: 14Electorate: 2,270Ballot Papers Issued: 1,005Turnout: 44.27 %

Joint Council

Downton (Downton) is a joint council with

  • Downton (Charlton)
  • Downton (Downton)

Electoral Area Boundary

Note:Boundary is an approximation.
   Full Council

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Thursday 4 May 2017
5 year cycle
Thursday 6 May 2021
End of four-year cycle, full council elections.

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