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Number of seats: 15


Candidates for Durrington – Results finalised at 17:14 on Friday 3 May 2013
Baron, Steve393Elected
Clarke, Bill473Elected
Collins, Jae353
Deakins, Richard354
Elkins, Betty397Elected
Goodman, DavidSolutions to Local Issues512Elected
Healing, Dave536Elected
Hull, Roger192
Lund, Andy583Elected
Mills, John WalkerLocal Person Local Issues Local Solutions601Elected
Paines, Susan MaryHousewife And Day Centre Organizer704Elected
Parsons, Wendy BarbaraHonorary Secretary Durrington Day Centre513Elected
Rennie, Shaun573Elected
Rodell, John423Elected
Taylor, PrimTreasurer of Day Centre, Fundraising Committee672Elected
Todd, John PeterCommunity Safety And Village Show848Elected
Wardell, Marion495Elected
Wright, GrahamLocal Person Local Views Local Solutions1,179Elected
The number of ballot papers rejected was as followsNumber of
ballot papers
Total spoiled papers:11
Vacant Seats: 15Electorate: 4,912Ballot Papers Issued: 1,420Turnout: 28.91 %

Electoral Area Boundary

Note:Boundary is an approximation.

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Thursday 4 May 2017
5 year cycle
Thursday 6 May 2021 as Durrington (Durrington)
End of four-year cycle, full council elections.

Last updated: Sunday, 14 April, 2024



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