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Heytesbury Imber and Knook JPC (Heytesbury)

Number of seats: 10


Candidates for Heytesbury Imber and Knook JPC (Heytesbury) – Results finalised at 17:08 on Friday 5 May 2017
Bartholomew, FredTeam Heytesbury: Building A Better Community55
Bond, David Alfred240Elected
Buttenshaw, Sarah Elizabeth200Elected
Colvin, Liz135
Copland-Griffiths, PennyWorking To Bring The Village Together90
Dale, Philip James184Elected
Eastman, Tom181Elected
Fellowes, TrishTeam Heytesbury Building a Better Community150Elected
Gould, LeilaLocal Resident221Elected
Hiscock, Derek John159Elected
King, Susan198Elected
Moore, Andrew George177Elected
Perry, Ann Elizabeth190Elected
Rowland, MattTeam Heytesbury: Bulding A Better Community92
Sinha, KayEncouraging harmonious relations in the village93
Stevens, Stephanie Mary85
Williams, NickTeam Heytesbury: Building A Better Community91
Wilson, AnthonyTeam Heytesbury for a better community95
The number of ballot papers rejected was as followsNumber of
ballot papers
Total spoiled papers:1
Vacant Seats: 10Electorate: 602Ballot Papers Issued: 366Turnout: 60.80 %

Joint Council

Heytesbury Imber and Knook JPC (Heytesbury) is a joint council with

  • Heytesbury Imber and Knook JPC (Heytesbury)
  • Heytesbury Imber and Knook JPC (Knook)

Electoral Area Boundary

Note:Boundary is an approximation.
   Full Council

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Thursday 2 May 2013
Full council election
Thursday 6 May 2021
End of four-year cycle, full council elections.
Thursday 20 January 2022

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