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Chippenham (Cepen Park and Redlands)

Number of seats: 3


As the number of candidates was equal to or less than the number of seats available, they were duly elected.

Joint Council

Chippenham (Cepen Park and Redlands) is a joint council with

  • Chippenham (Cepen Park and Derriads)
  • Chippenham (Cepen Park and Redlands)
  • Chippenham (Hardenhuish)
  • Chippenham (Hardens and England)
  • Chippenham (Lowden and Rowden)
  • Chippenham (Monkton)
  • Chippenham (Pewsham)
  • Chippenham (Queens and Sheldon)

Electoral Area Boundary

Note:Boundary is an approximation.
   Full Council

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Thursday 2 May 2013
Full council election
Thursday 6 May 2021 as Chippenham (Cepen Park and Hunters Moon)
End of four-year cycle, full council elections.
Thursday 7 April 2022 as Chippenham (Cepen Park and Hunters Moon)
Resignation of town cllr
Thursday 7 September 2023 as Chippenham (Cepen Park and Hunters Moon)
Resignation of Chris Ruck

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